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Gurudwara Paonta Sahib, is a noted Gurudwara in Paonta Sahib, District of Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh.

It is said that word ‘Paonta’ is derived from the word ‘Paon’ meaning ‘foot’ because Guru Gobin Singh set his foot in the town. Some believe the word ‘Paonta’ refers to an ornament that Guru Gobind Singh wore on his foot and lost while bathing in the Yamuna River. Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is the prime attraction of the town. Other attractions of the town are the Assan Lake and the Sahstra Dhara. The Sahstra Dhara is the meeting point of river Yamuna and Tong, also called Tamsa is located nearby.

Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth guru of sikhs was the person in whose memory the Gurdwara of Paonta Sahib was built. It was here, the Dasam Granth was written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is because of this fact, the Gurdwara enjoys a very high historic and religious importance among the followers of the Sikh religion across the worldover. An example of the religious importance of the Gurudwara being the "Palki" made of pure gold, donated by one of the devotees.

Shri Talab Asthan and Shri Dastar Asthan are the vital places inside the Sikh shrine worth mentioning. While salaries are disbursed at Shri Talab Asthan, Shri Dastar Asthan is used for organizing the turban tying competitions. A legendary temple is also attached to the Gurudwara. The temple is devoted to Goddess Yamuna. Kavi Darbar, a prominent place near the Gurudwara is the venue for holding the poetry competitions. The weapons and pens used by Guru Gobind Singh Ji are displayed in a museum near the Poanta Sahib Gurudwara. The Gurudwara is visited by tourists from different states.It seems that the small place Paonta Sahib is having lots of memories and importance due to a precious and wonderful Gurudwara. The site becomes more beautiful because it is situated at the bank of River Yamuna .The Gurudwara has its own religious importance.This gurudwara also serves langar (parshada) for each person who is interested to take it.The gurudwara signifies its pure beauty as giving the message that God is one and we all are its children. Another place of religious and historical importance is the Gurdwara built at Bhangani Sahib, about 1 km from Gurdwara Tir Garhi Sahib. With its proximity to the river Yamuna, the whole area presents a picturesque sight.

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