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Ancient legend speak of a time when demons lorded over the Himalayan mountains and harassed the gods. Led by Lord Vishnu, the gods decided to destroy them. The gods focused their strengths in an huge flame which rose from the earth. From the fire, a young girl look birth. She is regarded as Adishakti the first 'Shakti'.

Known as Sati or Parvati, she grew up in the house of Prajapati Daksha and later became the consort of Lord Shiva. Once her father insulted Lord Shiva and unable to accept this, she killed herself. When Lord Shiva heard of his wife's death his rage knew no bounds and holding Sati's body he began stalking the three worlds. The other gods trembled before His wrath and appealed to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu let fly a volley of arrows which struck Sati's body and severed it to pieces. At the places where the pieces fell, the fifty-one sacred Shaktipeeths came into being.

Sati's tongue fell at Jwalaji (610m) and the goddess is manifest as tiny flame that burns flawless blue through fissures in the age-old rock. Even the Pandavas are regarded to have visited this sacred place.

Jyoti's Jwalaji:

After entering the main room, in front, across the wall opposite, is the Jyoti which is constantly running and is considered to be Maa Kali's Jyoti. It is considered a complete Brahma Jyoti (Poorna Brahma Jyoti) in covered by a Silver Aalay(silver case). Alongside there are 8 other forms of Jwala Jyotis in this temple room. See all the auspicious Nine swaroop of Jwala Jyotis at Maa Jwala Ji Temple.

Outside the main temple room, a few steps up is the Gorakh Dibbi at Jwala Ji or the Rudra Kund. This is the place where Guru Gorakh Nath Ji had worshipped Maa Bhagwati. Maa Anjana Jwala Ji Jyoti is present at this kund.

Different ways of worshipping Mata Jwala Devi : There are mainly 3 ways of doing Mata Jwala Devi's Pooja Archana, i.e. Panchopchal, Dashopchal and Sholshobchal. Similarly there are 5 different Jwalaji Aartis done of Mata Jwala Ji.

  • Shringar Aarti : Shringar Arti is done early mornings at Brahma Mahurat time. In this aarti, Malpua, Khoya and Mishri are offered to Maa Jwala.
  • Mangal Aarti : This aarti is done after around half an hour difference to the first one. In this aarti, yellow rice and curd is offered to Maa Bhagwati.
  • Madhyayan Kaal Aarti : This is performed in the afternoon(Madhyayan Kaal). In this, rice, Shatras Dal and sweet/ desert is offered to Maa.
  • Sayan Kaal Aarti : This is, as the name suggests, performed in the evenings. In this aarti, Poori, Chana and Halwa is offered to the Jagad Janani.
  • Shaiyya Aarti : it is the bedtime aarti of Maa, before the pandits offer the last prayers in the late evening of the day and prepare Maa's bed to sleep. This aarti starts around 9:00 PM in the evening. Milk, Malai and seasonal fruits are offered to Maa Jwala.

Festivals and Rush times at Maa Jwalaji : There is a huge rush in this area with lakhs of devotees during the times of Chaitra Aswin Navratras and Shrawan Months from Delhi, Punjab, Himachal and other parts of India. Though otherwise, in the changing trends of modern followers, devotees from north India, specially Delhi, Punjab visit this place regularly on weekends. The locals prefer to visit mainly on Tuesdays and Frida

There are many more places to visit over there.
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