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Jammu is a city that is considered as a paradise on earth. The city is divided into two parts old and new city. The city has a number of temples wrapped in age-old myths and quite a few forts and palaces.

As one of the wonderful hill stations in Jammu region, its name is taken from small local lakes 'Sana' and 'Sar'. This town is surrounded by huge conifer trees and has beautiful view. This place has achieved lots of tourist attention in recent times and provides an excellent spot for adventure sports.

Raghunath Mandir, Jammu:

Raghunath Mandir is a popular religious shrine located in the city of Jammu. The shrine, dedicated to Lord Rama, was commissioned by Maharaja Gulab Singh, founder of the Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir in 1835. The construction of the temple was completed by his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860.

The inner walls of the holy sanctum are covered with gold sheet on all the three sides. There are several galleries in the shrine dedicated to various gods and goddesses associated with the Ramayana. Along with Raghunath Temple, there are 17 other shrines nearby including the Panjbakhtar Temple and Ranbireshwar Temple.

Bahu Fort, Jammu:

The fort stands on a plateau overlooking Tawi River with the surroundings developed into a well laid garden known as Bhave ki Bahu. Bhave ki Bahu is laid on the lines of the Mughal Gardens from where tourists can have a bird’s eye view of Jammu city.

Shiv Khori, Jammu:

Shiv Khori is one of the important cave shrines of Jammu, which is famous for the natural formation of a shivalinga. The 150 metres long shrine is among the most respected cave shrines of Lord Shiva in Jammu. The major highlight of the shrine is the 4 feet svayambhu lingam. The revered figurine constantly baths in a milky lime fluid dripping from the ceiling. There are several natural impressions and images of Hindu deities on the cave walls.

Mansar Lake, Jammu:

Mansar Lake is one of the popular attractions of Jammu, which is surrounded by forest covered hills. On the eastern bank of Mansar Lake, there is the Sheshnag Temple housing a figure of a snake with six heads. The water body is associated with a mythological legend, therefore is frequented by tourists and devotees alike. The wildlife sanctuary at the site provides shelter to spotted deer and neelgai along with water birds such as cranes and ducks. Tourists can also explore the traditional life style of Gujjar and Backarwal communities in the surrounding areas. These communities wear ethnic costumes and reside in open ‘kullhas’.

Bahu Temple, Jammu:

Bahu Temple is one of the ancient temples of Jammu, which is situated on a rock face on the left bank of River Tawi. The foundation stone of the temple within Bahu Fort complex is believed to have been laid over 3,000 years ago by Raja Bahulochan. The holy shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali is popularly known as Bawey Wali Mata.

Mahamaya Temple, Jammu:

The Mahamaya Temple is one of the popular sites in the region, which is dedicated to a regional female protagonist. As per historians, Mahamaya fought bravely against foreign invaders and achieved martyrdom around 14 centuries ago. This temple in situated on the banks of River Tawi opposite to the Bahu Fort.

Sanasar, Jammu:

Sanasar is among the major attractions, which is located at a distance of 19 km from Patnitop. The site at an altitude of 2,079 metres above sea level provides a peaceful environment. The site is also known as mini Gulmarg and is surrounded by huge conifers.

It is built in a cup-shaped meadow and is one of the secluded regions of the country. Owing to the confluence of hilly terrain and plains, the site is ideal for paragliding, trekking and skiing, horse riding, hot air ballooning and camping. The Nag Temple, Hidden Creek and Waterfalls in the surroundings can also be visited.

There are many more places to visit over there.
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